Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sonos Application for BlackBerry PlayBook

Do you have a Sonos Wireless HiFi Multi-Room System and would love to control it through your BlackBerry PlayBook?  Well that sounds like me.  I searched high and low for an app, but to this date there isn't any app for the PlayBook from either Sonos, RIM or any 3rd party developer. 

Luckily for you, I've figured out a way to actually control your Sonos system with your PlayBook!!!

The trick is to take advantage of the PlayBook's awesome web browser, leverage remote PC system, and use the Sonos Desktop Controller.  This way you will be able to basically control your PC running the Sonos Desktop Controller! Here are the steps to do this so you can control your Sonos system from your PlayBook

Step 1: Install the Sonos Desktop Controller on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Install Remote PC Software & Complete Registration. 

I personally use LogMeIn, as I find the fidelity a bit better than other options. 

Step 3: Access your PC from your BlackBerry Browser by going to and log in. 

Now just type in your ID & Passwords, and you are all set!

Of course you can do a lot more than just use Sonos with LogMeIn but for me, this was what I was really looking for!  You will need to change the resolution a little bit and play with some of the settings to optimize it for your PlayBook, but it is pretty cool and now you can control your Sonos system from your PlayBook!

Now until RIM comes out with a PlayBook Android Player as they promised, this will get you by!

Hope you find this useful


  1. THANKS! I was trying to figure this out for a long time!

  2. thanks for this I didn't know to get the play book or not but now I know to do this because of this awesome advice

  3. why don't you just download the blackberry tiggit app?

  4. The Tiggit app only works on the BlackBerry and not the PlayBook at this time. An alternative could be to use the BlackBerry emulator on the playbook. But I've found that IMC VNT or RDPlus work very well.

  5. OK I use Logmein but not for Playbook/Sonos. Seems a bit crazy to jump thru hoops like this and use Logmein. Now that Playbook is updated - Feb-2012 - when will an app be ready for sonos?

  6. When I try to run logmein I can't see how to access my. Pc. Logmein say they don't support bb. Help