Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome To Our PlayBook Tips & Tricks Blog

OK, so you've figured out that the BlackBerry PlayBook is the best tablet out there and you are looking for cool tips and tricks to help you out...

Well, I am exactly the same as you so I decided to share what I learn through this blog.  If you have some tips you want to share, feel free to send me a comment and we'll get it up here!


  1. Swipe diagonally from the bottom left corner and it will show or hide the keyboard

  2. Dear Mr Lee, I read your blog and I have ordered the PB, i will use your tips on the screen thanks, I was wondering if you could put something about the GPS they have the unit but not advertised? like if any apps to save and find location and help with direction. I bought it for travel and like more info about it thanks.

  3. Just got my Playbook and was looking for few tips, love your blog, keep it up.